How To Clean Your New Concrete Driveway

There aren’t really many problems that one will have to face when they have a concrete driveway – says NGT Concrete, who is a concrete driveway contractor Arlington Heights. This is one of the biggest benefits of using this material. But one thing that can happen is that stains may form on the surface. This can be from any kind of oil but one of the most common ones is that of motor oil. When there are vehicles coming in and out of the driveway, it is not a surprise if this were to happen. And it is where we would like to help you out. So, the next time you see a stain from this kind of oil, you will know what has to be done. A small tip to keep in mind is that the cleaning should ideally be done as you see the stain. If you let it soak in the concrete for a while and dry up, it will become that much harder to get rid of it. Here are a couple of ways in which you can get rid of these particular stains.

The Liquid Way

There are special solutions that can be bought in the market which are designed to deal with spills such as this. If the spill is small, then all that would be required is some detergent and a strong brush. Add a few drops on the stain and you can start scrubbing. If that doesn’t seem to work, then you can bring in the big guns. That would be what is known as a concrete degreaser that works like a concentrated alkaline soap. While it will not completely break down the oil, it will make it easier to scrub it off. But you must act quickly for this to work best.

The Modern Way

This is one of the cooler ways in which you can deal with stains of this nature. There are special microorganisms that can let on the oil and they will actually eat it up. These organisms are actually capable of digesting the oil which will take care of your problem. Once they finish the oil, they will die due to their food source not being present and then you can clean them quite easily. Sourcing them would be much harder compared to the degreaser but it is an interesting way of dealing with the stains. The choice is yours and either way, you go, the stain can be taken care of.

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