Important Plumbing Tools For A Professional Plumber

Any job whether a plumber or an electrician requires the right tools. A professional plumber has to compulsorily carry some important tools with him always if he is to be successful. A toolbox with the best tools brings about better results in any job that is undertaken.

The plumber’s job involves working in confined spaces and handling rusted nuts, bolts, and screws. Some of the works could be highly risky and is prone to injury. Having stock of a wide array of tools will help to overcome most problems and assist the plumber to solve problems without much trouble.

In this article, we will discuss about some important tools that a professional plumber should have with him at all times.


  1. The Pipe Wrench is a heavy tool that is used for unfastening and securing the nuts and other fittings.
  2. The Basin wrench allows the worker to reach small confined areas to fix or remove the fittings like a faucet.
  3. The Adjustable Wrench is needed to fix nuts and bolts that are hexagonal.
  4. Faucet key assists in repairing a spigot.

Pipe Work Tools

  1. These include the Vice Grip Pliers which is used to tightly hold parts for cutting or loosening.
  2. The Hacksaw is used for cutting different plumbing items.
  3. Pipe Cutters are required to resize pipes. You have cutters for both metal and plastic.
  4. Plumber Torch is used to solder and seal pipes.
  5. Sealing tapes assist in stopping leakages at the threading point where pipes are joined together.
  6. Pliers are a must in a toolbox. Where the items are small in size these tools come into use.
  7. Press Fitting System assists in joining pipes securely. This tool can establish a very strong bond between the pipes and can get the job done quicker than by welding or soldering.

Clog Clearing Tools

  1. Plungers are important as clogged toilets are a common problem. It is advisable to have a heavy-duty flange and cup plunger in your tool kit.
  2. Hand Auger is another important tool to clear clogs or blocks. In addition to this, you could also have a Snake Machine to clear clogs that are much deeper. This is a mechanized tool.

Safety Tools

Safety tools are vital in the tool kit as they may have to take some risks while working. Goggles, Gloves, and Heat Shields are some of the essential safety tools that are required for this.

These are some of the most important tools that a professional plumber should have in his toolbox.

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