What Are Drug Rehab Therapies That Work

Just as the treatment for a physical illness is different for each individual, the same holds good in the case of treatment of addiction issues as well. It is not easy to generalize the kind of treatment that has to be given to a drug addict, even though there could be quite a few similarities. At the Drug Rehab Columbus addiction center, the first thing that is done is to thoroughly check the person and set up a personal file that has all the details of an individual. It is only based on this thorough medical testing and assessment, that the procedures for addiction are decided upon and scheduled. Since there are multiple ways of treating an addict, it is essential that this evaluation is conducted and transparently discussed with all those who will be associated with the patient. In some cases, the center might think it is necessary to discuss this with the family as well.


There are two important factors that have to be considered while zoning in on the right kind of therapy to get an addict back on track – one is the nature of the drug that he or she was consuming and the second is the current physical and mental state of the patient. Based on this, the center will decide on whether the person should be going in for CBT – which is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or DBT – which is Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. Either way, these are treatments that take a long time, especially if the person is going through a chronic case of addiction. Therapies have been well tested and tried and hence it is necessary for the members of the patient’s family to completely trust the center while entrusting their loved one into their care.


It is a common belief that the whole process of addiction consists of counselling and nothing else. Though this is a large part of the process, the same is aided by focused medication and other kinds of therapies as well. There could be sessions of meditation, yoga, and other therapeutic treatments that get addicts back to normal. Since counselling forms a large part of the treatment, the center at Columbus has qualified and licensed practitioners who are able to deal with all sorts of patients and their drug-related problems with tact.

In case you have any questions about the therapies that are used at this center, please feel free to contact them and they will give you a clear idea about what they do.

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